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Birds & belles boutique gives CASH or TRADE for your clothing and accessories. Look through your closet for name brand, designer, & really hip vintage apparel. We will look through your items, select the highest quality & offer a competitive price with the option of cash or 50% more in-store credit. Selling your clothes is not only a good way to keep your wardrobe fresh and current, but is also eco-friendly.

Clothing we buy is determined by the following guidelines, we also take into consideration condition, demand, inventory levels or past experience.

Buying guidelines for selling:

-Call today for an appointment or buying hours.

-All clothing must be:

Current season and current fashion.

Freshly cleaned, free of stains, hangers, fading, holes, broken zippers, pet hair, and absolutely smoke-free.

Neatly folded in a laundry basket or shopping bag (not on hangers).

We do not accept wedding gowns, men’s or children’s attire.

If you have any questions about the brands we buy, sell & trade please refer to our "labels we love" page. For consignment or arts/crafts inquiries simply give us a call & we will gladly answer any of your questions.